48 Hour Bathroom Remodel in Oak Creek

Bathroom Remodel in Oak Creek

TightSeal recently completed a bathroom remodel in Oak Creek, Wisconsin for Vince & Karin Farina, in just 48 hours! This home in Oak Creek still had its original bathtub. The owner of the home was concerned with the mold and mildew growing around the bath area. Another issue was the leaky pipe behind the surround and the ceramic tile that was starting to fall apart. Unfortunately, this is a common problem we encounter especially when it comes to older homes.

Another very common concern for customers is the time it takes for the project to be completed. This is understandable as most people would like access to their shower every day, especially if they only have one shower in the home. Vince and Kathy were concerned with getting it done as quickly as possible.

While other bath remodeling companies can take days or even weeks to complete a bathroom project, we were able to get in and out within 48 hours! We took out the original tub and installed a walk-shower. This new shower we installed is made with acrylic, so it is easier to clean and maintain. It’s also resistant to mold and mildew.

We also installed a new drainage system and fixed the leaking pipe. Our team also installed a custom shower caddy that removed the need for the previous shower caddy that was hanging from the faucet. The end result is a very functional space that can be used for years to come, without worry of leakage, mold or mildew.

“Quality craftsmanship, we have no more leaks or mold in the basement. Timeliness”
– Vince Farina, Homeowner

Highlights of 48 Hour Bathroom Remodel in Oak Creek, WI

  • New drainage system
  • Fixed leak
  • 48 hour bathroom remodel

Photos of Bathroom Remodel in Creek, WI

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