Accessible Walk-In Shower Conversion in Waterford, WI

Our team at TightSeal completed this accessible walk-in shower conversion in Waterford, WI. The old bathtub was old and desperate need of updating. It had outdated pink tile and wall surround. The old bathtub also had mold and mildew growing in the grout and tiles. This is very common in older bathtubs. The homeowner was also concerned with accessibility. The old tub was difficult to get into with its high sides. The homeowner wanted something that was accessible and easy to get into. Our team at TightSeal Baths suggested they replace their old bathtub with an accessible walk-in shower.

The walk-in shower has a low entry barrier that makes it easy to get in and out. The homeowner also had two grab bars custom mounted in their walk-in shower, making it safe and secure. We also opted for a hand held shower. The new accessible walk-in shower conversion in Waterford, WI was installed in just one day. The new walk-in shower is not only ADA compliant and easy to get into, but also very modern and beautiful looking. We got rid of the old, ugly pink tile and replaced it with a beautiful marble designed wall surround. The white walk-in shower matches seamlessly.

The homeowner can now enjoy their new accessible walk-in shower without worry about slipping or falling. Plus, it is beautiful and requires little maintenance. 

The walk-in shower is mold and mildew resistant. The homeowner no longer needs to worry about scrubbing their grout or tile. The walk-in shower requires little upkeep so the homeowner can enjoy their new walk-in shower without the worry of constant cleaning.

Our team at TightSeal Baths specializes in tub to shower conversions! Do you have an old outdated tub you’d like to swap out with a new walk-in tub? Contact your bath experts at TightSeal Baths. We’ll create a custom solution for your space that you’ll love.



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