Bathroom Renovation in Milwaukee, WI

We recently completed this bathroom renovation in Milwaukee, WI. The old bathtub was chipping. It had been reglazed before but was beginning to fall apart. The caulk was coming undone and yellowing. Homeowners also complained of mold and mildew growing in the grout and tiles. This a common issue in older bathrooms.

Our bathroom renovation experts were able to remove the old tub and install a beautiful, new tub. The new tub has mold and mildew resistant technology. It is also chip and scratch resistant, making it very durable and easy maintenance. The homeowners also needed their new tub to be accessible. This tub is much lower to the ground and easier to get in and out of. Best of all, this bathroom renovation in Milwaukee, WI took only one day! We were able to completely remove their old tub and wall surround and replace it with something functional and beautiful.  We installed a custom grab bar, as well as two shower caddies for easy access.

The homeowners can now enjoy their bathroom that looks modern and clean. No longer do they have to deal with mold and mildew or the unsightliness of their old, outdated bathroom. They were also happy that their bathroom came with a lifetime warranty, so they could enjoy their new bathroom for a lifetime.  The homeowners are happy with their new bathroom. They say it looks fantastic and will make their lives easier for themselves and their daughter.

Have you been thinking about getting your bath replaced? Get a free estimate and design consultation with our bath experts! It’s hassle-free and the price you get is down to the penny! Plus we offer a lifetime warranty and our products are made right in the USA. When it comes to your bathroom, trust the bath experts.

Bathtub Renovation in Milwaukee, WI

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