Bathroom Trends for 2021

(and how to get it for less)

Feeling inspired? Check our these bathroom trends for 2021. With Covid hitting and many of us sheltering in place, homeowners have been looking to freshen up their bathroom space. While you may want to spend the money to completely demolish your bathroom, these bathroom trends for 2021 are definitely worth checking out for inspiration. 

Black on White

Get this abstract black and white bathroom that is timeless and modern. Monochrome has been and seem to be a style that will withstand the test of time. Get this look in your bathroom by choosing an all white tub or walk-in shower, paired with an all white wall surround. Finish the look with black accents- matte black seems to be big in 2021. Finish your bathroom with all white and black decorations, fixtures and furnishings. Another plus side- no struggling to find exact shades of colors. 

All White

An all white bathroom is timeless in itself. It looks pristine and clean, and is easy to decorate. Get this look for less by simply getting an all white bath or shower, and pairing it with an all white wall surround. Another popular white variation is the “white marble” look. 

Rain Shower Head Fixtures

Why are people switching over to the rain shower head? It’s wider and more water flows over the entire body. It also gives you the feeling of a spa-like luxurious quality shower in the comfort of your own bathroom. They can range between 8 to 10 inches in diameter and come in a wide variety of different brands models. Rain shower heads are a popular fixture that add a touch of sophistication in to your bathroom.


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