Bathtub Replacement in Franklin, WI

Before and After of Bathtub Replacement in Franklin, WI

  • New bathtub replacement will eliminate mold, mildew and yellowing

  • Fiber glass tubs are prone to mold, mildew, chipping, fading and cracking
  • Our team at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths completed this bathtub replacement in Franklin, WI. The old bathtub was yellowing and becoming discolored. This is very common in an older style bathroom. Due to this bathtub being made of fiberglass and being original to the home, it was heavily stained, marked up, chipped and faded. Many homeowners including these in Franklin, WI opt for a bathtub replacement in order to update their bathtub that is made of old, or outdated materials. This bathtub replacement in Franklin started with removing the old fiberglass tub and replacing it with a new and durable acrylic bathtub. Another major reason people tend to choose acrylic for their bathtub replacement is for the anti-microbial technologies. They will no longer have to scrub grout or worry about proper maintenance like with their old fiberglass tub .

    Before of Bathtub Replacement in Franklin

  • Old fixtures that need to be replaced

  • Heavy peeling and chipping on bathtub
  • Cracking and discoloration is often an issue with old fiberglass bathtubs. This often occurs due to the material of fiberglass and is commonly seen in older bathtubs. This bathtub in particular desperately needed a bathtub replacement. In addition the fixtures were old and outdated. 

    Before of Bathtub Replacement in Franklin
    Before of Bathtub Replacement in Franklin
    Before of Bathtub Replacement in Franklin
    Before of Bathtub Replacement in Franklin


    Bathtub Replacement in Franklin, WI by TightSeal Exteriors & Baths

    The new bathtub replacement in Franklin looks beautiful. It looks modern and best of all the homeowner will not have to worry about discoloration, yellowing, fading, chipping of cracking like with their old bathtub. The new acrylic tub is virtually maintenance free and requires little upkeep. 

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