How to make your
bathroom handicap accessible

Accessibility is often on the forefront of most homeowners’ minds when looking to remodel a bathroom. For those with disabilities, accessibility is the number one priority. The biggest obstacle to a handicapped person is often their own home. At TightSeal Exteriors & Baths, we take this into consideration when updating your bathroom. 

Walk-in Bath

If you prefer to keep a bathtub in your bathroom, our hydrotherapy tubs are a great option. Hydrotherapy tubs are therapeutic walk in tubs that include extra low entryways for easy access.

Walk-in Tub Installation in Franklin, WI

walk-in shower

Many homeowners who need to make their bathrooms handicap accessible choose walk in or roll in showers. This creates little to zero-barrier entry allowing individuals to easily walk or roll into the shower. 

walk in shower

Bath to Shower Conversion

Replacing your bathtub with a shower creates a more accessible and secure space. Homeowners no longer have to step over the ledge of the tub. This is a great option for aging or handicapped people.


There are subtle features and improvements that can be added to make your bathroom handicap accessible. Here are a few ways you can modify your bathroom to make it handicap accessible. 

Grab bars

Installing grab bars all around the bathing area creates a more safe and secure bath area. Individuals can use the grab bars for stabilization and assistance when entering the bath or shower.

Custom seating

Adding seating to a shower can aid those who have issues with balance, make showering easier and reducing slips and falls.

Hand held showerhead

Installing a handheld removable shower head with a long hose is an easy way to make your shower safer and easier to use.

Slip Resistant

Using non-slip material in your bath system is essential to making your bathroom handicap accessible. Slip resistant shower pans are textured to prevent slips and falls.

no barrier entry

low entryway

Low entryways are wheelchair accessible and make entering and exiting the bath system easier.

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Making your bathroom handicap accessible may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of our expert team at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths, you no longer have to worry about the obstacles that come with updating your space. TightSeal Exteriors & Baths has been in business since 1991. We are experienced in bathroom remodels and will work with you to get your specific needs met. 

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