Shower Remodel in West Bend, WI

Shower Remodel in West Bend, WI

TightSeal recently completed a shower remodel in West Bend, Wisconsin for the Derge family. This family had a very outdated and aging shower. We removed the restricting door frame and outdated tempered glass door. We installed a shower curtain bar instead, that really helped to open up the space and allow for more light. We removed the old shower tile removed that they had as well as the concrete pan. The old ceiling tiles that were falling off was replaced with an acrylic ceiling. The acrylic is resistant to mold and mildew, durable and easy maintenance. We also installed new drainage, valves, water controller and bath head. They opted for a solid surface walk-in shower, which is made of artificial stone. It’s extremely durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean. Many customers like the upscale look of a solid surface tub versus acrylic. It looks high-end and compliments the tile backsplash they had in the bathroom.

“Just had our shower stall installed and everything turned out great! I would definitely recommend TightSeal to family and friends.”
– Homeowner

Highlights of Shower Remodel in West Bend, WI

  • Removal of Old Shower Pan, Tiles and Plumbing 
  • Concrete Pan Replacement
  • Installation of Highly Durable Solid Surface Walls
  • Matched Solid Surface to Bathroom Tiles
  • Made Best Use of a Very Small Space

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