Bathroom Renovation in Franksville, WI

Our team at TightSeal completed this shower replacement in Franksville, WI. The homeowner used to have an old fiberglass shower. It was builder grade and the the homeowner did not like it. Since the shower walls/surround did come up high enough, parts of the drywall were exposed. The homeowner stated that the water and condensation from the wet area was damaging the drywall. In addition, the water would splash outside of the wet area since they only had shower curtain and rod. 

The homeowner decided they’d pursue a shower replacement in their Franksville home. We took out the old shower and replaced it with a beautiful and simple walk-in shower. The new walk-in shower has a shower door to prevent water from splashing outside of the wet area. We also installed adequate shower walls/surround to protect the dry wall and keep it free from moisture. Our bath team at TightSeal also made sure to install a shower door to prevent splashing.

The new shower looks modern and beautiful. It was the perfect solution to the homeowner. They can now enjoy their bathroom without worrying about damaging their drywalls or splashing water. They reported loving their shower because of its functionality and the overall look. 

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