Top 4 Benefits of a walk-in shower

Walk-in showers are becoming more and more popular among homeowners today because of the various benefits. When looking for new shower or bath solutions, you want to weigh out all of your options and the pros/cons of each. Listed below are the top 4 benefits of a walk-in shower. 


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1. Accessibility & Safety

Walk-in showers improve accessibility. They create a zero-barrier entry because you no longer have to step over the ledge of a high tub. Walk-in showers make it easier and safer to enter/exit the shower.

2. Modernization

Walk-in showers are a great way to upgrade and modernize your bathroom space. Tub-to-shower conversions are one of our most popular bathroom upgrades. 

3. Space Saving Solution

If you have a small bathroom, installing a walk-in shower gives the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Not to mention, a walk-in shower creates more space than traditional bath/shower combos.

4.  Easy Maintenance

Say goodbye to senseless scrubbing of bath tiles or a big bathtub with a walk-in shower. All of our walk-in showers are built with antimicrobial technology to prevent mold and mildew. 

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tub to shower conversion


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