tub to shower conversion
in burlington, wi

We recently completed a tub to shower conversion in Burlington, WI. This homeowners was looking to install a shower.  They said they did not take baths and were also sick of climbing into the bathtub in order to shower. We hear this often. An easy solution that most homeowners opt for in this type of situation, is a tub to shower conversion.

This is one of our most requested services by homeowners! A tub to shower conversion makes the bath more accessible and easy to use. This is also a great option for older people, handicapped people and/or people who are less mobile. In addition, when the homeowner doesn’t take baths, walk-in showers are a great way to utilize their bathroom. Thus, the homeowner can get the most out of their space, making their bathroom more functional and enjoyable. This tub to shower conversion in Burlington has a shower caddy and grab handles custom installed.

The shower caddy and grab handles fit the height and preference of the homeowner. For this walk-in shower, the homeowner opted to place one grab bar inside the shower. The other grab bar is outside the shower to make it easy to get in and out. This makes the shower easy to use, so you or your loved ones aren’t straining while using your bath. Our walk-in shower features easy to care for acrylic material that is drama and hassle-free. Another added benefit is the shower is non-porous, meaning your shower will be resistant to any mold or mildew.

All our baths also come with a lifetime your warranty, so you can be enjoy your new bath without worrying. We stand behind our products at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths. Our products are made in American and made to last! Our installers are professional, courteous and experienced.


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