tub to shower conversion in new berlin, WI

Our team at TightSeal recently did this tub to shower conversion in New Berlin, WI. The homeowner was unhappy with old tub.

Like many bathrooms we work on, this bathtub was outdated. There was mold and unsightly discoloration in the tiles and grout. The bathtub was also a bright, blue color. We see this in older bathrooms that badly in need of a remodel. 

 This homeowner chose to remove their old tub. They were concerned with getting out and more easily. For homeowners who are worried about accessibility, a great option is often times to either replace the tub with a low-entry tub, or with a walk-in shower. This homeowner chose to replace their bathtub with an easy, convenient walk-in shower.

This homeowner’s tub to shower conversion in New Berlin, WI was completed in under 24 hours! We removed the old, outdated tub and installed a beautiful, easy access walk-in shower. The new walk-in shower also has accent hardware that compliments the color of the bathroom itself. It also matches seamlessly with the wall surround chosen by the homeowner. The new walk-in shower will be easy to get in and out of and is resistant to mold and mildew. Perfect for any homeowner. It eliminates the need for scrubbing as required by high maintenance tiles. The new walk-in shower also has a lifetime guarantee. 

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Old blue bathtub replaced in New Berlin, WI with a new, walk-in shower


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