tub to shower conversion in Muskego, WI

Our team of experts at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths completed this tub to shower conversion in Muskego, WI. The homeowners originally had a bathtub in their bathroom and were looking to make a change. The original bathtub made accessibility difficult because they had to step over the ledge. This is a common concern among homeowners, especially people who are aging. The new shower improved accessibility with its easy to get into, low entryway.

With this tub to shower conversion we were able to remove the old grab bar since it is now easy to get into. We kept the handheld shower head that the homeowner liked. We were also able to install a custom shower caddy that allows extra space for the homeowner to store hygiene products. This update gives them more space compared to their old bathtub. This bath to shower conversion in Muskego, WI features an ADA compliant shower so the homeowners can feel safe and secure in their new shower. The shower pan is slip resistant and textured to prevent slips and falls. The shower’s antimicrobial technology protects against mold and mildew, making for easy maintenance. This shower has a lifetime warranty and is made in America.

The gray wall surround adds a modern touch with its silver accents. This is a look that many homeowners look for when doing a tub to shower conversion. The new shower now looks modern, beautiful, and is also functional. TightSeal Exteriors & Baths are experts when it comes to tub to shower conversions. Our designers come out to your home and leave you with an affordable price, good for a full year. If you are looking to convert your bathtub to a shower, contact us for your free estimate!


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