Walk-In Shower Conversion in Waukesha

Walk-In Shower Conversion in Waueksha, WI

TightSeal recently completed a walk-in shower conversion in Waukesha, Wisconsin, for Dora and Carla Mendoza. This bathroom belonged to a mother and daughter that lived together. The daughter was concerned about the accessibility of their current bathroom as her mother was getting older. This is a common situation that happens as people age.

Our goal was to create a bathroom that would be more accessible and safer for the mother. After discussing the options available, they decided to install a walk-in shower that was easy for her mother to get in and out. These showers are also great for people who are handicapped, have mobility issues or suffer from arthritis.

In addition, we installed a corner bench seat that allows the person to sit down versus standing. The bench seating is angled and has a weep hole to prevent water pooling and provide drainage. We also installed a custom height grab bar for her mother to assist her in getting in and out comfortably.

The walk-in shower also has a non-slip acrylic base, preventing slips and falls. This is great for safety concerns, and makes it popular with those who are elderly, handicapped or have mobility issues.

“I was most satisfied that they were on time and completed on a timely matter. They all worked really well together and they worked really hard. They were on task and didn’t take breaks or anything.”
– Carla Mendoza

Features of Walk-In Shower Conversion in Waukesha

  • Non-Slip Acrylic Base
  • Corner Bench Seat
  • Grab Bar
  • Natural Light for Added Safety
  • More Shelving and Storage

TightSeal can handle any of your Waukesha bathroom remodeling needs, including walk-in tubs, bathtub to shower conversions, accessible bathtubs and much more. Reach out to us today and tell us about your bathroom improvement needs, and we’ll help redesign your bathroom for more comfortable and safer bathing!

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