Walk-in Tub

Walk-In Shower Installations in Milwaukee

Walk-In Shower Installations in Milwaukee

If you live in an older home in Southeastern Wisconsin with the original shower, chances are you are in need of an update. Today’s showers offer many amenities that make showering much more spacious and safer. We can even convert your old tub into a shower!

Our staff will help you choose the perfect walk-in shower that fits your family’s needs and will install it to perfection in just a few days. The result will be a bath solution that will last for years.

Safe. Beautiful. Luxurious.

  • ADA compliant, featuring a safe and low threshold means it’s easy to step in and out of
  • Can be accessorized with features such as grab bars, chair-height seats, showering wands and scald proof plumbing features
  • Easy to clean, non-porous surface means germs and grime can’t hide
  • Built in shelving for toiletries frees up clutter
  • Designs that will match every interior, no matter if you have a new home, or an older more classic home
  • Eliminates worry about safety for children or the elderly
  • We offer a full warranty on the shower and the installation

Walk In Tub Installations in Milwaukee

Walk In Tub Installations in Milwaukee

Walk-in bathtubs were once seen as a luxury item, but no more. Now the benefits of a good long soak are known to many, and not just people who have limited mobility or disabilities. Step into comfort in a well-designed bathtub and sit back to enjoy the many benefits of being in warm water.

These beautiful, easy to clean tubs can be installed in a matter of days, at a price that’s a lot lower than you might think. Our expert installers will fit the bathtub perfectly into any bathroom space, no matter the size of your bathroom. You might think that these are only for newer homes, but we have fitted many walk-in bathtubs in older homes in Southeastern Wisconsin!

  • Improves blood circulation to help heal and restore injuries or tired and sore muscles
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Promotes healthy sleep cycles
  • Eases stress and headaches

Every design is individually fitted to your space and no worries about leaking with the patented door system. These bathtubs will provide years of healing in the privacy of your own home.