why you should convert your
bathtub to a shower

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. Many older bathrooms come with the original bathtub installed and homeowners just keep the old bath, even though it is outdated and impractical. The traditional bath model used to be a tub/shower combo, but times have changed, and now it’s all about the walk-in shower. When thinking about doing a bathroom remodel, a tub to shower conversion should be on the top of your list. A tub to shower conversion is one of the most popular bathroom remodel ideas among homeowners.

Here are just a few reasons why you should convert your bathtub to a shower.

Improved Accessibility

  • By converting your old tub to a walk-in shower, you no longer have to step over the ledge of the tub to get inside, making for easier entry. 
  • Our showers are all ADA compliant and fully customizable. You can choose to install safety features like grab bars, seating, and textured shower pans. 
  • Every shower is chip, fade, and crack resistant with mold and mildew resistant technology for easier maintenance.
grab bar
no barrier entry


  • A tub to shower conversion is a modern update you can make to upgrade your space and raise the overall home value.
  • Installing a walk-in shower is a good way to open up the space and gives the illusion of a bigger bathroom.
  • The space in a walk-in shower is much bigger than an old tub/shower combo.
  • A tub to shower conversion, gives a cleaner look and is great for small bathrooms.
tub to shower conversion
modern bathroom

Customizable Shower Solutions

  • The homeowner is able to fully customize the new shower to meet personal needs and preferences. 
  • You can add safety features to make your bathroom more handicap accessible.
  • Customizable shower caddies for compact and clutter free organization of hygiene products.
  • Acrylic or solid surface options for the wall surround in the walk-in shower.
  • Option to install glass doors or a shower curtain.
tub to shower conversion
Shower Install in Hartford, WI

Are you interested in a tub to shower conversion?

There are many pros to a tub to shower conversion, including modernizing the space and increasing the home value. A tub to shower conversion transforms your bathroom by giving it a fresh new look while also making it easily accessible, low-maintenance, and more practical. Our expert team at TightSeal Exteriors & Baths have been helping homeowners remodel their bathrooms since 1991. We regularly complete tub to shower conversions and have the knowledge and experience to get your project done. Contact us today for a free estimate, good for a full year!

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